Hiring looks steady in Georgia, upbeat in Atlanta

Steady as she goes.

Georgia companies plan to keep on hiring at a steady pace through the next three months, according to a survey by Manpower, the national staffing company.

Although metro Atlanta is more upbeat, a look across the state shows been hardly any change in attitude, Manpower found: Of those companies responding in Georgia, 14 percent say they think they’ll add staff, 82 percent say they’ll hold staff levels even and 2 percent say they’ll cut.

Last quarter, 16 percent were adding, 80 percent holding even and 4 percent cutting.

However, the expectations are just a little less rosy than a year ago when 21 percent expected to be adding to staff.

However, in metro Atlanta, 11 percent of employers said they plan to hire more employees and 85 percent will maintain the same level and just 1 percent think they’ll cut staff, Manpower said.

Last year the state added 91,100 jobs, most of them in metro Atlanta. The jobless rate for Georgia in January was 5.5 percent, compared to the national rate of 4.9 percent.

Manpower does its employment outlook survey quarterly, interviewing 11,000 employers.