Micro: what is ‘Peach?’ and should you care?

“Peach” is a new social-media app, currently only for iOS devices, from one of the co-creators of “Vine.” Credit: Byte, Inc.

What!? Another social media app? Who cares?

I'm surprised to admit that I do. A new app that just debuted on Jan. 8 has already gone through a cycle of excitement, tech pundits declaring it over, and then a roaring comeback as more people discovered it. The app, only available for iOS devices such as iPhones, is called Peach and it feels both familiar and excitingly new.

Created by one of the developers of the micro video app "Vine," Peach is a sleek app that has quite a lot of power and polish underneath its simple, minimalist design. Like Twitter, users can post short messages on it and follow other users. But its killer feature may be "Magic Words," commands that allow you to search for and embed animated GIFs, draw something, roll dice, sign off for the night with the time and local temperature and lots more. Most apps start small and add features later, but Peach feels almost fully formed right out of the gate. All it's missing is more users and the content they'll bring to it.

Curious? You can find it at peach.cool or on the Apple App Store. But don't be surprised if some people declare it's obsolete in a few weeks. Want to follow me there? I'm "Omargee" on Peach.

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