‘Forza Motorsport 6,’ ‘Destiny: The Taken King’ lead week’s new games

Microsoft’s “Forza Motorsport 6,” exclusively on the Xbox One, features more than 450 cars. Credit: Microsoft Studios

New video games out this week:

"Forza Motorsport 6." More than 450 cars are rendered gorgeously in this flagship racing game for Microsoft's next-gen console. The game offers 2-player split screen, 24-car races online and improved AI in its virtual racing opponents. Rated E for Everyone. $60 for Xbox One

"Destiny: The Taken King." Bungie's gigantic-scale shooter gets its largest expansion yet in what amounts to a sizable revamp of a game that received mixed-to-warm reviews a year ago. Will it be enough to bring people back or attract new players? Rated E for Everyone. $40-$80 for upgrade, retail Legendary Edition or Digital Collector's Editions, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Also out this week: "World of Warships" (PC), "NHL 2016" (Xbox One, PS4), "NHL Legacy Edition" (Xbox 360, PS3), "Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson" (Nintendo 3DS), "Albino Lullaby" (Windows PC), "Atom Universe" (PC), "Dungeon Nightmares II: The Memory" (PC), "Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space" (PlayStation Vita), "Pro Evolution Soccer 2016" (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3), "The Disgaea Triple Play Collection" (PS3), "Arcane Sorcery" (PC), "Rogue Continuum" (PC), "Superstatic" (PC), "Pulsar: Lost Colony" (PC), "Typoman" (Nintendo Wii U), "Skyshine's Bedlam" (PC), "Red Fuse: Rolling Explosive Device" (PC), "Year Walk" (Wii U), "I Can't Escape: Darkness" (PC), "Shmup Love Boom" (PC), "Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 4" (PC), "Pumped BMX+" (Xbox One, PC).