Wedding dress auction starting as low as $46

Atlanta-based U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is hosting a 15-day “Down the Aisle” Extravaganza.

The online auction, which runs through July 9, features almost 3000 wedding related items, including wedding gowns, fine jewelry, tuxedos, formal dresses and more. Retail furnishings are also part of the auction.

In addition to wedding gowns, there are lots of Louis Vuitton bags, cake toppers and formal dresses and suits. Specific items include:

  • Wedding gowns with starting bids as low as $46
  • A 3-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring
  • Formal wear for men, women and children
  • A Louis Vuitton travel bag
  • Veils and tiaras
  • Wedding bouquets, stationery and decorations

The items are being sold on behalf of the US Marshals Service, which recovered the items from an Alaskan bridal shop that was a front for something criminal. Marshals confiscated the inventory and now you can get it for a steal.

Visit to take a look at the goods and get more information.

The sale ends July 9 at noon.