Dating: I’m seeing other people

Single people get distracted so easily. Some of us flat out have dating ADD! There is a tricky balancing act that comes with “putting yourself out there” and slowing down the sliding doors of dating. How do you pause things long enough to explore something with someone?

My friend Jenna says she isn’t great at juggling men. If she sees a guy she likes and the chemistry is there, she is eager to focus all her attention on him. This gets her into trouble when they aren’t quite where she is. She found out that the guy she was so excited about is still seeing other people.

Obviously when someone is keeping you as an option when you already decided you want to pick them, it gets awkward. So what do you do? Do you wait and watch them explore things? Do you keep an open mind and actively date others just to appear unfazed?

When do you know the hunt is over – or at least put on pause while you focus on the one with great potential?