Relationships: Who am I to you?

This weekend was stressful for one couple. After the guys failed to introduce his woman as his girlfriend at a social event, things got intense. She could not understand how someone she spends all her free time with, cooks for, and treats like a King, doesn’t want to label her as The Girlfriend.

For his part, he doesn’t understand why she needs the title. They are always together and he is happy with her. Why can’t that be enough for her? This is a common issue when you have two people with different ideas about commitment.

Some people think your actions and feelings should be enough. These are usually the same people that believe adding a title changes the dynamic and expectations of the relationship.

Do you believe there should be a big talk about relationship labels? Would it bother you if someone you were seeing didn’t introduce you as their significant other? What difference does it make if you two are happy?