First date? Put your hands where I can see them

When you go on a first date, you shouldn’t have too many expectations other than having a great time. You should also expect not to have someone’s hands to be all over you without any invitation to be there. What do you if your date got a little too familiar and touchy feely for you?

If you both feel a strong attraction and the body language has naturally progressed to touching, that is organic. If only one of you starts putting their hands where it isn’t welcomed, that’s problematic. To make matters worse, the overly affectionate people don’t always see the cues when they are making someone uncomfortable. Oblivious AND a octopus is not a good combination!

Are you cool with being affectionate with someone on a first date or does it take you time to warm up to them?

Have you ever been told you show too much or too little PDA?