Perfect weather for Thanksgiving travelers

Perfect weather for Thanksgiving travelers

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  • And dry conditions are expected Thanksgiving Day, too.
  • The high is expected to hit 58 Thursday.
  • There is no rain in the forecast.


Today: Mostly sunny. High: 62

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low: 49

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy. High: 58

» For a detailed forecast, visit The Atlanta Journal-Constitution weather page.

Good news for Thanksgiving travelers on “the busiest travel day of the year,” Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Brad Nitz said.

Dry weather is in the forecast, and temperatures are just about where they should be.

In fact, there are “no weather problems getting out of town by land or by air today,” Nitz said.

Currently, the temp is 50 degrees in Atlanta. The average high is 61 degrees for this time of year.

As for Thursday, there’s little to worry about other than slightly lower temps, according to Channel 2.

After starting off the day in the low 40s, the high is expected to reach 58 degrees, Channel 2 reported.

Atlanta is expected to hit a high of 58 degrees Thursday. (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

There will be clouds coming out of the south but no rain in metro Atlanta, Channel 2 meteorologist Karen Minton said. 

If “you’re heading to Jacksonville, you’re going along Tybee Island, you’ll see some rain tomorrow,” she said. 

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