Your plane is crashing; What do you do? There's an app for that

Video includes a clip from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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But just in case you miss the directions about what to do in case of emergency, there's now an app for that.

The Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at Italy's University of Udine has created a smartphone app called "Prepare for Impact" that simulates aircraft emergencies in first person.

Supporters of the app say a first-person simulation might be more helpful for emergency preparedness. The university's research suggests a simulation is far more effective than passive education, like the faded and wrinkled airplane safety cards placed in front of each seat.

"Prepare for Impact" simulates several different real-world scenarios, including a crash landing, a water landing and a ground collision. It also simulates complications that might arise in any of the scenarios, like fire, smoke or flooding.

The free app is available for both iOS and Android.