Specialty purses, jewelry are part of the Boutique line. (Dewayne Bevil/Orlando Sentinel/TNS)
Photo: Dewayne Bevil/TNS
Photo: Dewayne Bevil/TNS

Universal opens Boutique with Marvel merchandise

Universal Orlando is offering another way to buy Marvel merchandise with a store called, simply enough, Boutique. It’s in the Marvel Super Hero Island at Islands of Adventure theme park. 

Boutique carries Marvel-inspired goods, including comic-styled dresses, bedazzled handbags (plus one that looks very Iron Mannish), backpacks shaped like the Deadpool logo, jewelry, totes, tennis shoes and assorted souvenirs. There’s not a ton of stuff in there, but it fills the petite space, which is about 20 feet by 20 feet.  

The store is adjacent to the Comics store and next to the giant Doc Ock sprawled across the facade heading toward the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride. The Boutique name follows the original theming of the land, which echoes throw-back comics’ artwork that went generic when representing businesses. Boutique, for instance, is across from a concession stand called FRUIT.  

One colorful dress has panels from comics including Captain America, Thor, Spidey, action words like “WHOMP!” and “BUNCH!” and speech balloons with phrases such as “Hulk will break wall!” These garments are in the $50-$70 range. The Iron Man bag was tagged as $78.95.  

On the top shelf, up by the fun wall fixtures, are figures of heroines. Nearby are prints signed by Elizabeth Olsen, who has played Scarlet Witch in “Captain America” and “Avengers” movies. (Olsen goodies range from $450 to $750.)  

Boutique is all about Marvel, which is owned by Walt Disney Co., thus some would say in archenemy territory. The best way to explain how this happens is that contracts were already in place for years before Disney purchased Marvel back in 2009. And that’s how IOA still features the Incredible Hulk roller coaster, the Spider-Man ride, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall and appearances by select characters.  

And there’s Marvel for sale — including comic books and T-shirts — in multiple outlets at Islands. In fact, I noticed there are more Marvel-driven T-shirts than there are Islands of Adventure-specific T-shirts in the park’s main store up front. (I could only find one design for IOA, as opposed to many variations with the Universal Studios globe logo. I can only presume that sales from IOA merchandise were underwhelming at some point. Could there be more merch from year-old Volcano Bay water park than IOA goodies? Seems so.)