TSA finds record-breaking 74 guns in single week, with 65 loaded

Transportation Security Administration officials said they found a record-breaking amount of guns in carry-on bags this week.
Officials found 74 guns in carry-on bags across the country during the week of May 20-May 26, according to the TSA blog post, and 65 of those guns were loaded, with 18 having a round chambered.
The previous record of 73 was set in April.
The TSA wants to remind people that while guns and ammunition, if packed properly and declared, can travel in checked luggage, it is never permissible to bring such items in carry-on luggage.

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The TSA also encourages travelers to familiarize themselves with firearm laws at each point of their trip before arriving to the airport.
Passengers who violate firearms laws while traveling can face a penalty of up to $11,000.
Another reason the TSA urges people to follow the guidelines or leave weapons at home is that dealing with improperly packed weapons causes the security screening process to slow down, and lengthy security checkpoint wait times have recently been the subject of major criticism from passengers.