The best destinations for street art in and out of the U.S.

Pack your bags, grab your camera and check out these amazing backdrops for your photos

Check out the best street art around the country in these cities.Miami, Florida - South Beach .Austin, Texas - Mexic- Arte Museum Mural.Detroit, Michigan.San Francisco, California - Balmy Alley .Denver, CO - Marka 27 paintings

As street art transitions from unauthorized graffiti to city and neighborhood endorsed projects, art lovers and travelers alike are eager to see — and photograph — the creativity on display across the world.

While planning your next travel destination, don’t forget to take sometime to see some of the most exciting public art around? Here are some of the top cities for street art.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Seeing Oklahoma City on a list of the best street art in the country might come as as uprise. But according to USA Today, OKC is the number one U.S. destination for creative public art — specifically the city’s Plaza District.

The district is a creator’s heaven and a top location for local businesses, festivals, food, art, music and more. Visit to learn more.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati has more than 180 murals across the city, celebrating food, music, people and more.

ArtWorks Cincinnati is home to many creative outlets that are happily to transforming the city itself into a work of art. For more information head over to

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In 1984, the Mural Arts Philadelphia foundation was created in an effort to guide professional artists in a showcase that demonstrates their talents; since then, MAP has helped developed more than 3,000 murals.

For all the best locations in Philly to visit, check out

Berlin, Germany

The German capital is one of the world’s top cities for street art. Visitors can explore the city to view countless murals — not to mention the city’s many museums.

Most visitors start out in the bustling Kreuzberg district. Check out for more.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is colorful, eclectic and eccentric. From murals to sculptures, there’s art in almost every direction. For more check out

Buenos Aries, Argentina

From its festivals — like the International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America — to music, movies and art, Buenos Aries is a must-visit destination for art lovers and creators.

While the city is packed with art, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. The Buenos Aires Street Art company offers tours. For more information, visit