Outrage over tourists taking photos of crawling baby on edge of cliff

This baby photo could have ended in disaster.

Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, is a popular tourist attraction in Norway. The unfenced cliff rock, which rises approximately 2,000 feet above a fjord, is an ideal place to take photos.

While some tourists are brave enough to venture to the cliff edge for the best views, a group of travelers shocked others when they allowed their baby to crawl along the cliff’s rim while taking photos.

Visitor Fred Sirevag told the Daily Mail he was shocked and took a photo of the alarming incident from a safe distance. The group with the baby took off before he could say anything to them.

In a report from Mashable, Preben Falck of the Stavanger Tourist Association said that fences have not been considered for the cliff because it would "spoil the experience."

While tens of thousands visit Pulpit Rock annually, very few incidents have been reported, according to Mashable. In 2013, a man fell to his death, but it not known if it was a suicide or accident.