Leave the planning to them: Company chooses, plans your vacation

If you just gotta get away, but don't have the brain power to plan, or even choose a destination, then there's a new service that's just for you.

It is called Pack Up + Go, developed by Lillian Rafson who is just 23 years old.

Rafson started the company in January to develop surprise vacations, Forbes reported.

You give Pack Up + Go the dates you can go, and the money. Then just show up at the airport at a designated time for a 3-day mystery trip.

So how do they decide where you're going?

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You start by filling out a survey, choosing either a road trip or an excursion on a plane, train or bus.

The transportation and budget will help set the cost.

Mass transportation trips start at $650, while a road trip is a little cheaper at $450.

So after you hand over the cash, or at least hand over your credit card numbers, how do you know where you're going or even what to take?

About a week before your trip, you'll get an email with a weather forecast for your destination, recommended packing list, luggage restrictions and where to go and when for your departure.

Then a few days before, you'll get an envelope in the mail that you'll be tempted to open, but you're told to wait until you get to the designated location from the email.

So could you leave the planning to them?  Vote in our poll.