Japanese dining site sharing info with US-based TripAdvisor

TOKYO - Online restaurant information provider Gurunavi has started providing data on 350,000 restaurants in Japan to TripAdvisor, one of the world’s largest travel review websites, which boasts 340 million views a month.

Amid an increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan, Gurunavi aims to lure tourists into a wider range of restaurants across Japan.

The U.S.-based travel site operator features reviews of restaurants and hotels around the world. Information about restaurants and bars in Japan available via the site, however, is limited to basic details such as names and addresses.

Gurunavi’s websites are linked to the information, allowing viewers to learn more about the restaurants such as their menus and estimated cost per person.

Among the 350,000 restaurants searchable on Gurunavi, only 80,000 have information available in English. Gurunavi aims to increase the number in the future.

Meanwhile, comments and reviews posted on TripAdvisor will become accessible on the Gurunavi website from July 4.

According to a survey conducted by Gurunavi in September on 400 foreigners living overseas regarding which travel information sources they consider important, the number of those who refer to reviews on the internet exceeded those who check guidebooks.

Gurunavi therefore believes it can expect high demand from foreigners for information it provides.