Here’s what to pack for your next European vacation

Be prepared for Europe with a few simple tips

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Packing for a European vacation? Unless you plan on grabbing a bunch of stuff while you’re there, it pays to pack smart.

You’re European getaway will will be filled with plenty of pictures and even more memories. And a lot of walking. Many travelers are taken aback by the amount of walking involved. Some have reported walking anywhere between 12,000 to 18,000 steps each day — roughly around 5 to 7 miles — so the most important thing to bring may be some comfortable shoes.

But you’ll need more than supportive shoes for a hassle-free trip. Here are five must-have items for your next European vacation.

Multi-plug adaptors

European outlets are very different from the ones in the US. Packing a multi-plug adapter will make sure you’re devices all stay charged.

Amazon offers charging converters anywhere from $12.99.

Travel steamer

If you like to have your clothes wrinkle-free for that elegant dinner in Paris, be sure to pack a travel steamer. They’re lightweight and easy to use, and you’ll avoid buying something last minute at your destination — something you might not be able to use when you get home.

Rainwear and travel deodorant

European weather is a bit finicky, especially in the summer. Cool summer days can turn muggy and an afternoon rain shower is always a possibility. Be sure to bring plenty of deodorant and perhaps some deodorant wipes to deal with the effects of humidity, and an umbrella or raincoat for sudden storms.

Neck wallet

It’s no secret that tourists often fall victim to pickpockets. USA Today notes that London, Paris, and Rome are all popular with petty thieves.

Neck wallets are an excellent way to help avoid theft by hiding your essentials under your blouse or shirt.

Hot spots, SIM cards, and VPNs

Contact your cell phone provider before you travel to make sure you’ll have a personal hotspot and and be able to check your email without paying a fortune in roaming charges.

Signing up for a VPN virtual personal network will allow you to surf the web safely to prevent hackers from getting your personal information.

According to the Savvy Backpacker, the best way to use your smartphone while abroad is to buy a prepaid SIM card from a European carrier once you arrive. You make in-country calls to travel companions, hotels or restaurants at local rates.