Belize is perfect for adventurists, beach bums and everyone in between

Belize is home to jungles, mountains, rainforests, rivers and plenty of adventurous excursions waiting to be the perfect backdrop for your next selfie.

It has more than 400 islands and almost 9,000 square miles of mainland. According to Travel and Leisure, it’s the ideal vacation destination for beach, resort and active vacationers.

This tropical hot spot is drowning in the culinary scene where food enthusiasts can occupy their time in “spice-ridden dishes like escabeche (chicken soup) to the fluffiest stuffed fry jacks for breakfast.” U.S. News and World Report wrote.

If you’re planning your next vacation, Belize has a flight time of just under four hours from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

This tropical oasis has everything “from ziplining through the jungle to relaxing on the beach, pounding on a Garifuna drum to scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea,” said

Here are five things to do at this vacation haven.

Animal and insect viewings

  • Monkey River & Manatee watch: If you love wildlife, this lasts anywhere from five to seven hours with a maximum of 20 people per group, with sightings of manatees, birds, iguanas, snakes, crocodiles and howler monkeys.
  • Green Hills Butterfly Ranch: This is a live butterfly exhibit with more than 4,000 square feet of walk-in flight area. The exhibit includes a picnic area, many photo-op locations, Wi-Fi and educational opportunities.
  • Community Baboon Sanctuary: Managed by a local women’s conservation group, this sanctuary is home to more than 3,500 howler monkeys and 350 species of birds.

Belize food tours

This tours offer options from night to lunch tours. They’re hosted by a brother and sister duo who grew up in San Pedro and are direct “descendants of one of the island’s pioneer families.”

Tours last between 2.5 and three hours and include stops at local mom-and-pop kitchens featuring food samples, two local rum cocktails or beer. and a rum cream tasting stop. Tickets range between $47 and $72, depending on the time of day and age of guests.

Actun Tunichil Muknal cave tour

Be prepared to spend nearly half your day on a tour that doesn’t only take you on a water excursion into one of the ancient Mayan caves but also includes hiking, wading, tubing and a picnic.

It’s $125 per adult and lasts about nine hours. Group sizes run between six and 70 people with a guide that speaks both English and Spanish.

Water adventures

If you seek adventure from the comfort of a vehicle, then consider a bus or boat tour.

Spa getaway

While Belize is packed with adventure for the entire family, it’s the perfect place to sunbathe and unwind while basking in scenic sunsets. For spa adventures, Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle recommends a few spa destinations for ultimate relaxation:

  • Victoria House Resort and Spa: With 3,500 square feet of spa facilities, the Victoria House has views of the Caribbean Sea and Barrier Reef. The go-to treatment is a coco body polish and then a cocoa butter relaxation massage.
  • Las Terrazas Resort: This spa is known for its various massage techniques, from postnatal wellness to abdominal therapy and hair treatments. It also offers detox packages and is the perfect place for an all-day pampering session.
  • Ka’ana Resort: With tropical gardens surrounding the resort, this location embraces the properties of nature and natural materials.

Tours, food and adventure await. It’s only four hours away from the airport, which offers nonstop flights to this tropical destination. The next time you’re due for a little sun and some adventure, head to Belize.