Airfare bargains to Asia & the UK

If you consider yourself a bargain hunter on all things travel -- then you'll quickly recognize the value of these airfare deals to Asia and Europe.

Just to prove how outstanding these offers are, I'll show in parenthesis what other carriers are charging.

Start travel to Asia through May 15 for round-trip rates of $693.20 to Shanghai, China ($1,562.20); $745.20 to Beijing, China ($1,163.20) or $983.90 to Tokyo, Japan ($2,394.90).

Give at least a one-week advance notice of travel. Travel taken Fridays-Sundays are $50 more each way. Stay at least any three nights and no longer than 30 days. Buy tickets through April 9. These deals are exclusive offers from American Airlines -- servicing each destination with one easy flight change in Chicago.

Another grand sale gets you across the pond during the peak summer season. This American Airlines/British Airways exclusive offer to Manchester, England is $861.60 ($1,383.90) round-trip when departing from May 22 through Aug. 23.

Travel on Thursdays-Sundays is an additional $55 each way. Plan to stay one weekend or up to one year. Buy tickets through April 10.

Service is via Chicago on the outbound; London on the return.  Stopovers are not permitted.

Sale airfares are always subject to change. Every seat on every flight is not offered at the lowest rate.

Since only a limited supply of seats is available, act quickly to make your purchase. I recommend starting the search for available seats at vs. calling an airline directly. You can also search for the sale at travel Web sites such as Expedia or Travelocity, etc.

Clara Bosonetto is a retired travel consultant.