Act quickly on these deals to Europe

Airfares to Europe have risen to crazy heights this year. Travel this summer to Rome, for instance, is right around $2,000.

But there’s been a bit of action this week from a few players that may convince you that it’s time to buy. Here are some examples of the one-day savings:

  • Manchester, England: $943
  • London, England: $947
  • Edinburgh or Glasgow, Scotland: $964

To qualify, depart Oct. 25-Dec. 15 or Dec. 24-March 24, 2014. Add $25 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel. These deals are offered by partners United/Lufthansa with one flight connection in Chicago, Newark or Washington D.C.-Dulles.


  • Paris, France: $1,075
  • Rome, Italy: $1,074

Partners American/British Airways offer this round-trip rate on Aug. 26-Oct. 23 or Dec. 16-24 departures. Valid only on Sunday-Thursday departures; Monday-Thursday returns. One flight connection is required in Chicago, Miami or London. ______

Sale airfares are always subject to change. Every seat on every flight is not offered at the lowest rate.

The above rates do not have a ticket-by date which indicates the offers could vanish at any moment. Since only a limited supply of seats is available, act quickly to make your purchase.

I recommend starting the search for available seats at vs. calling an airline directly. You can also search for the sale at travel websites such as Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity, etc.

Clara Bosonetto is a retired travel consultant.