AAA says you should make your holiday travel plans now

Here are a few tips from the American Automobile Association for driving when winter storm conditions strike.

A recent survey reveals how Georgians plan to travel for the season

The holiday season is swiftly approaching and AAA says you should think of your travel plans now.

A recent AAA survey showed that the majority of Georgians plan to take a vacation in October. November is also a popular month for travel, with more than 42% of residents reporting they were planning trips.

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“Time is of the essence for people who plan to take a flight this holiday season,” Debbie Haas, Vice President of Travel for AAA – The Auto Club Group, said in a press release. “As we get closer to the holidays, airfares often rise as availability shrinks. We recommend you book by Halloween, for the best chance of finding the flight you want at a favorable rate.”

The survey showed that most Georgians — 34% — are looking to escape the cooler weather in favor of a beach destination. Rather than flying, most will use their own vehicle for a road trip in the continental U.S. Only 27% plan on flying.

“We’ve recently seen numerous flight delays and cancellations, and even more are possible during the holidays,” Haas added. “So if you’re planning a flight, you may want to consider travel insurance. If your flight is canceled, there are various policies that would help offset unexpected expenses like a hotel, transportation and food. You may also receive compensation for lost luggage, or if your flight is delayed for as little as 3 hours.”

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It seems many people have been heeding the advice for travel insurance.

Travel insurance comparison website predicted that it could become the new normal over the summer. A report published by Adroit Market Research found that the global travel insurance market was projected to grow to $40 billion by 2028. In recent months, AAA has found that travel insurance bookings have increased by 11% compared to 2019.

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