Now you can get Cinnabon frosting, including chocolate, in a pint size for the holidays

For a limited time, cream cheese and chocolate flavors are available in stores and online

Credit: Courtesy of Cinnabon

Credit: Courtesy of Cinnabon

Next time you pick up Cinnabon to take home, be sure to add a pint of frosting. That’s right — a pint.

During the holidays, the Atlanta-based company is selling not just cream cheese topping by the pint, but also the chocolate frosting you might remember from the Chocolate BonBites.

“One of our most frequently asked questions is how guests can recreate our iconic Cinnabon frosting, so we’re excited to make it as easy as grabbing a pint during this hectic holiday season,” said Michael Alberici, vice president of marketing.

“After seeing the success of Chocolate BonBites earlier this year, we knew we had to introduce the chocolate version of our take-home pints, offering Cinnabon fans a new way to take part in holiday traditions through baking, gifting or simply enjoying!”

Even if you’re not a fan of Cinnabon buns, the cream cheese and chocolate frosting are delicious toppings for your cakes and cookies.

Pints can be bought in stores or online, and cost $5.99 for cream cheese and $6.99 for chocolate. If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, visit Cinnabon’s TikTok and Instagram.

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