5 holiday host gifts under $10

If you’re invited to a friend or family member’s home this season, it’s good form to bring a gift

A thoughtful guest brings the host a gift at the holidays, whether attending a brunch, happy hour, cookie exchange or the weekend.

These gestures are proper, but they can sure cut into your overall holiday budget. Even a decent bottle of wine that won’t embarrass you can run 20 bucks.

But here’s where the thought really does count. With a bit of extra planning, you can still be generous without damaging your wallet.

Here are five host gifts under $10:

Christmas scented dish liquid

Credit: Target.com

Credit: Target.com

Especially if you’re going to be a house guest for a few days, or are attending a party that will involve lots of hand-washing of champagne and cocktail glasses, holiday scented dishwashing liquid can be a wallet-friendly host gift.

Mrs. Meyer’s liquid dish soap is biodegradable and cruelty-free, and the limited edition scents are festive indeed. The Iowa Pine smells better than the Christmas tree.

For maximum appreciation, complete the package with a new bottle brush and the promise to do the dishes yourself.

Mrs. Meyer’s 16 oz. liquid dish soap, Iowa Pine. $5. Amazon

Snowdrop, $4.80 Amazon

Peppermint, $5. Shipped from Target


Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

When you take inspiration from Norse mythology, mistletoe is a symbol of remembrance, while the Druids hung it on the door for magic and good luck, according to the Smithsonian.

With either interpretation, a sprig can be a sweet, nostalgic present and perhaps a conversation starter.

Before you start engaging with others or hand over the mistletoe to your hosts, remember to review the concepts of consent and remember that some folks dislike the surprise element involved in this festive tradition.

Sprig of preserved mistletoe with a red ribbon. $9. Amazon

Artisanal cinnamon bun

Especially if you’re attending a gathering that will go late into the night, consider gifting the hosts something to look forward to for breakfast: A perfect cinnamon bun, complete with frosting.

Swing by a bakery like Cinnaholic in Edgewood on the morning of, or, the multilocation Sweet Hut Bakery (including Doraville, Duluth or Marietta) offers freshly baked buns with an Asian Twist you can obtain as late as 9 or 10 p.m. at most locations.

Make the extra effort to wrap this treat in a bakery box with a bow.

Old Skool roll. $5.25. Cinnaholic

Four Cinnamon Swirl danish. $8. Sweet Hut

Georgia gnome tree ornament

Credit: The Christmas Mouse

Credit: The Christmas Mouse

Gnome decor is all the rage, and the University of Georgia’s 2022 SEC Championship win is a source of joy, so why not combine the two for a host gift memento this Christmas season?

Opt for a resin tree ornament that’s 3.5 inches tall, or go for a set of two 8.5-inch plush gnomes in Georgia logo hats — one for you, one for them. One of the plush gnomes is a cheerleader complete with braided beard, isn’t that fun?

Georgia gnome tree ornament. $10. The Christmas Mouse

Two packs of plush gnomes. $17. Amazon

Bubble wands

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Festive but not expensive, bubble wands are one of the easiest all-ages activities to set up and enjoy. They’re fun to have on hand to soothe fussy toddlers during a holiday gathering or to distract adults while dinner’s in the making or after they’re tired of making small talk.

They’re also handy as a New Year’s gift for those who won’t be partaking of bubbly beverages.

Four-pack of 8-oz Gazillion bubbles with wands. $9.48. Amazon

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