Instagram deletes account showing woman’s stretch marks

(Ian Waldie / Getty Images)

Credit: Ian Waldie

Credit: Ian Waldie

(Ian Waldie / Getty Images)

A woman's Instagram account was deleted after she posted photos of stretch marks on her stomach.

Hannah Moore, a 20-year-old from Broxburn, West Lothian, is a new mother of twin girls and had posted a picture of her pregnancy stretch marks, encouraging woman that they are beautiful no matter their body looks like.

"Nobody should be judged by their size because everyone is beautiful," she wrote to her followers.

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"I had written underneath the picture how unconfident I had always been," she continued to SWNS, "how relationships have been hard, and how hard it is to find clothes that I like."

She was shocked when she received a notice from Instagram that the photos that were meant to inspire confidence, actually got her account deleted.

"Two minutes after the picture was uploaded my account got closed down, my mouth just dropped and my eyes watered," Moore explains.

The pictures had violated Instagram's "nudity and violence" rules, the notification stated.

"Nobody could get on my Instagram and nobody could search for it so someone had obviously reported the picture for nudity - all it was was a picture of my belly and it has just took my confidence away," the mom says.

Instagram's guidelines state that, "we don't allow nudity on Instagram," but "photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed."

An Instagram spokesman has blamed a "technical mistake" on the deletion and states that the account had been restored.

"I want not just myself but other women, thin or bigger, to love themselves and love their size, because everyone is beautiful," Moore says, adding that "Instagram should be more careful whose accounts they delete and look into it further."