What might have been …


Five local professional athletes tell staff writer Chris Vivlamore what else they could have been:

1. Lou Williams, Hawks

“I would probably be doing something that has to do with being creative. I enjoy trying to create documentaries and film and music and producing music. It would probably be something in the arts.”

2. DeMarre Carroll, Hawks

“I would probably run a Boys and Girls Club. I need 10 more hours for my Master’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I like kids. Starting from the roots will help kids be more successful and have better dreams later on down the road.”

3. Kris Medlen, Braves

“There is no doubt in my mind that if I wasn’t a baseball player I would be a chef. I’ve had the opportunity through baseball to experience many things and food is one of them. I’ve developed a passion for cooking and really appreciate the people who make a living creating food that just makes people happy.”

4. Garrett Reynolds, Falcons

“I like working with people and I like working with kids. I would like to do something along those lines. I’ve thought about working as a counselor at the Boys and Girls Club or being a teacher. I’d like to teach and be an assistant coach at some high school, just so that I’m working with some young kids and trying to turn them into good young men.”

5. Matt Ryan, Falcons

“In college I majored in communications, but I would have played or gone into coaching, one of those two directions. I would have been trying to stay around it. I assume that if I wasn’t playing, I’d be coaching. At that time, I would have said college or professional. But now, maybe high school or youth football.”