WNBA players react to Supreme Court abortion ruling

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A general view of the WNBA logo.

Credit: TNS

The Supreme Court on Friday ended constitutional protections for abortion that had stood in America for nearly 50 years. The decision by the court’s conservative majority overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.

The Atlanta Dream issued a statement on the ruling.

“The Atlanta Dream is overwhelmingly discouraged by the rollback of Roe v. Wade. The governing of people’s rights to make decisions for their own bodies has serious and often deadly consequences for those who can become pregnant.

“The impacts – known and unknown – affect every one of us, people of color, families of lower socioeconomic statues and victims of abusive relationships will be disproportionately affected by this decision.

“We will continue to be a voice for those who are often marginalized by the decisions made by lawmakers who are not directly affected by the outcomes of their rulings.”

The WNBA players association also issued a statement.

“This decision shows a branch of government that is so out of touch with the country and any sense of human dignity. This is why we say voting rights are critically important and must be protected. We must recognize that when we cast a ballot it is to elect officials and to connect the dots to policies and legislation that align with our values.

“Are we in a democracy where guns have more rights than women?

“This ruling provides a treacherous pathway to abortion bans that reinforce economic, social and political inequities and could lead to higher rates of maternal mortality while eviscerating rights to reproductive freedom for everyone.

“To protect our democracy, we must vote like our lives depend on it. Because they do.”

Several other WNBA teams issued similar statements.