Larry Foote says Marshawn Lynch sends kids wrong message

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Arizona Cardinals linebacker Larry Foote said Monday that Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is sending kids the wrong message. (Source: ESPN)

Foote characterized Lynch as a poor role model, teaching children it’s acceptable to act out.

"The biggest message he's giving these kids, he might not want to admit it, is 'The hell with authority. I don't care, fine me. I'm gonna grab my crotch. I'm gonna do it my way,'" Foote told ESPN.

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"In the real world, it doesn't work that way," Foote said. "It just doesn't. How can you keep a job? I mean, you got these inner-city kids. They don't listen to teachers. They don't listen to police officers, principals. And these guys can't even keep a job because they say 'F' authority." (Scroll down to watch ESPN video interview.)

Meanwhile, Lynch, nicknamed "Beast Mode" has reportedly been offered a monster-sized contract extension by the Seattle Seahawks, according to NFL Media Insider report Ian Rapoport.

The deal is believed to include over $10 million for Lynch in the 2015 season.

According to the NFL report, Lynch currently is slated to make $5 million in 2015, the final year of his four-year, $31 million deal.

Insiders say the team wants to reward Lynch for his outstanding play, which includes rushing for at least 1,200 yards in each of the past four seasons.

Contract negotiations have been ongoing for weeks.

Lynch could end up being the highest-paid running back in the NFL.