Josef Martinez is Atlanta United’s highest-paid player

The Kings of the South are the Kings of MLS. Atlanta United defeated Portland 2-0 to win the MLS Cup. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy early by owner Arthur Blank. Josef Martinez scored his 35th goal this season, extending his MLS scoring record. He was named MLS Cup MVP in addition to already being MLS MVP.

The MLS Players Association released its 2019 salary guide Wednesday and there are a few surprises among Atlanta United's players.

Pity Martinez, the reigning South American Player of the Year and the team’s third Designated Player, has guaranteed compensation of $900,000. That’s relatively small for a DP in MLS.

Josef Martinez, the reigning MLS MVP, has guaranteed compensation of $3,058,333, making him the team's highest-paid player. He received a contract extension in January after breaking the league record with 31 goals during the regular season. His salary last season was $1.4 million.

Atlanta United’s total guaranteed compensation of $12,670,769 is the sixth-highest in MLS. Toronto leads with $22 million. Houston’s is the least at $7.6 million.

Other salaries of note:

Flo Pogba, $324,000. He has started one league game this season.

Dion Pereira, $56,250. He has three starts as part of seven appearances.

Leandro Gonzalez Pirez, $810,008. He is in the last year of his contract. He finished fifth in MLS Defender of the Year voting last season.

Hector Villalba, $830,250. One goal and three assists this season and 21 goals and 23 assists since 2017.

Ezequiel Barco, $1,425,000. Four goals and one assist this season.

Julian Gressel, $130,000. He is in the last year of his contract that has a club option for 2020. Two goals and three assists this season and 11 and 26 since 2017.

The team's salaries (in alphabetical order):

Mikey Ambrose, defender
Base salary: $72,352
Guaranteed compensation: $72,352

Anderson Asiedu, midfielder
Base salary: $56,250
Guaranteed compensation: $56,250

Ezequiel Barco, midfielder/forward
Base salaey:  $1,425,000
Guaranteed compensation: $1,425,000

George Bello, defender
Base salary: $75,000
Guaranteed compensation: $79,000

Andrew Carleton, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $85,000
Guaranteed compensation: $97,400

Franco Escobar, defender
Base salary: $300,000
Guaranteed compensation: $300,000

Jon Gallagher, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $70,250
Guaranteed compensation: $70,250

Chris Goslin, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $90,000
Guaranteed compensation: $90,000

Julian Gressel, midfielder
Base salary: $114,250
Guaranteed compensation: $133,000

Brad Guzan, goalkeeper
Base salary: $680,004
Guaranteed compensation: $740,004

Jose Rafael Hernandez, defender
Base salary: $140,004 
Guaranteed compensation: $140,004

Alec Kann, goalkeeper
Base salary: $100,008
Guaranteed compensation: $100,008

Kevin Kratz, midfielder
Base salary: $210,000 
Guaranteed compensation: $222,750

Lagos Kunga, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $70,250 
Guaranteed compensation: $73,250

Jeff Larentowicz, defender/midfielder
Base salary: $210,000 
Guaranteed compensation: $210,000

Josef Martinez, forward
Base salary: $3,000,000
Guaranteed compensation: $3,058,333

Pity Martinez, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $900,000
Guaranteed compensation:  $900,000

Justin Meram, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $650,004
Guaranteed compensation: $678,754

Brendan Moore, goalkeeper
Base salary: $70,250
Guaranteed compensation: $70,250

Darlington Nagbe, midfielder
Base salary: $665,500 
Guaranteed compensation: $665,500

Patrick Okonkwo, forward
Base salary: $56,256
Guaranteed compensation: $67,256

Michael Parkhurst, defender
Base salary: $300,000
Guaranteed compensation: $300,000

Dion Pereira, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $56,250
Guaranteed compensation:  $56,250

Leandro Gonzalez Pirez, defender
Base salary: $775,008
Guaranteed compensation:  $810,008

Florentin Pogba, defender
Base salary: $300,000
Guaranteed compensation: $324,000

Eric Remedi, defender/midfielder
Base salary: $300,000 
Guaranteed compensation: $300,000

Miles Robinson, defender 
Base salary: $145,000 
Guaranteed compensation: $201,250

Brek Shea, defender/midfielder
Base salary: $225,000 
Guaranteed compensation: $225,000

Brandon Vazquez, forward
Base salary: $150,000 
Guaranteed compensation: $166,000

Hector Villalba, midfielder/forward
Base salary: $722,500 
Guaranteed compensation: $830,250

Gordon Wild, forward
Base salary: $100,000
Guaranteed compensation:  $130,000

Romario Williams, forward
Base salary: $78,650 
Guaranteed compensation: $78,650