John Theus still alternating ‘50-50’ between left, right tackle

John Theus didn’t see the little curiosity regarding him in the Georgia media guide. But Paul Theus, his father, did.

Theus was listed on the preseason depth chart first at both left and right tackle. That’s certainly has to boost one’s self-esteem, to know they’re so talented they could start at two positions.

“Or we don’t know what we’re doing yet,” John Theus said with a laugh. “I don’t know which one it is.”

Truly, it’s the latter.

As the Bulldogs completed their fourth tackle of the 29 they’ll have during preseason camp, Theus is still alternating between left and right tackle. Given the mighty importance of left tackle in any offense that includes passing as a scheme, that might seem a bit unsettling. But as always, Georgia is holding to its mantra to determine the “best five” on the offensive front rather than the best one protecting the blindside. And so it appears it will be a while before one is settled upon.

“I’ve pretty much been splitting 50-50 the reps with ones at right and left,” said Theus, who spent his first two seasons starting at right tackle. “It’s been pretty equal so far. I’m starting out at right but getting equal reps on both sides. I guess Coach (Will) Friend is just trying to find the best combination. We’re working guys at different spots right now. We’ve got 20-something days ‘til Clemson, so we’ve got some time. I’m feeling good about it.”

It has been Theus and senior Mark Beard getting the majority of work at left tackle, with senior Watts Dantzler getting a snap here and there. Kolton Houston and Dantzler get the reps at right tackle when Theus isn’t there, and Houston moves over to left guard fairly regularly.

Only center David Andrews and right guard Greg Pyke seem settled. So obviously it remains a work in progress.

“The O-line is definitely a team position,” Theus said. “There’s five guys out there and we all have to work together. The guy next to me, whether it’s to the right or the left, makes me better.”

But Theus doesn’t make any bones about it. The former 5-star prospect out of Jacksonville hopes to lock down left tackle, if not now, then eventually.

“No doubt it’s a money position,” said the 6-foot-6, 313-pound junior. “Even somebody that doesn’t know that much about football can tell you, ‘oh, the blindside, I know about that.’ So it definitely is a big position. As a competitor, as a tackle, I think every tackle’s goal is to be on that left side. It’s fun. You’re a big part of how a game will turn out. If you perform well your offense will probably perform well. If you don’t the offense probably won’t. So it’s a big position and we’ll see how it goes. …

“Left tackle John Theus has a little ring to it.”