How much money might Atlanta United make from selling Almiron?

 How much money will Atlanta United receive once the sale of Miguel Almiron to Newcastle is complete?

The agreed-upon transfer fee hasn’t been revealed.

For the purposes of this exercise, let’s split the difference between the $30 million that was Atlanta United’s  valuation and the $20 million Newcastle reportedly offered.

So, $25 million.

According to MLS rules: 

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“A club shall receive three quarters (3/4) of the corresponding transfer or loan fee revenue (including agent fees and other expenses), from any transaction involving a player that is NOT a Homegrown PlayerGeneration adidas Player, or player acquired via the MLS SuperDraft

If a Designated Player is transferred or loaned, the club will receive all amounts of the transfer or loan fee revenue until it has recouped all out-of-pocket cash payments made by the club in connection to that player prior to any sharing arrangement with the League. After such recoup, the transfer or loan of the Designated Player shall be treated as any other transfer with the club receiving three quarters (3/4) of the corresponding transfer or loan fee revenue.”

So, Atlanta United reportedly paid $9 million to acquire Almiron from Lanus from Argentina in 2017. The team would recoup that cost.

It would also recoup the cost of Almiron’s salary in 2017 and 2018. That is roughly $4.6 million.

The transfer fee and Almiron’s salary together are $13.6 million.

The difference between $25 million and $13.6 million is $11.4 million. Atlanta United would receive 75 percent, or $8.55 million, of that total. The team must also take off Almiron’s salary cap charge for past two years, which is around $750,000.

So, if Atlanta United sells Almiron for $25 million, it will receive approximately $21.4 million.

There are other fees and things associated with the acquisition and sale that aren’t included, so that $21.4 million could change, but it’s a solid approximation.

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