List: States with most players per capita in NFL

Georgia has more NFL players per capita than any other state in the country this season, according to the NFL. The average is one NFL player for 180,447 residents, using the 2010 census. Georgia comes in first with one player per 72,296 residents, which equals a city about the size of Albany. The NFL credits Georgia with 134 NFL players. GHSF Daily research found 150 players on opening rosters, but that includes those on injured reserve. Here are the top 12 states in the NFL’s per-capita rankings.

72,296 - Georgia

76,837 - Louisiana

79,662 - Alabama

84,780 - Mississippi

96,914 - Florida

100,287 - District of Columbia

112,242 - Delaware

118,599 - South Carolina

123,664 - Hawaii

130,966 - Texas

138,194 - Utah

141,025 - Tennessee

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