All-region teams: McNair’s Jackson named top player in 5-2A

Here is the all-region team for 5-2A, as voted by the leagues’ coaches:

Player of the year: WR/DB Malachi Jackson, McNair, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB Quay Whitfield, Callaway, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DL Kenyon Partridge, Columbia, Sr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB Colton Hood, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

Iron Man of the year: ATH/LB Jaden Baugh, Columbia, Jr.

Iron Man of the year: ATH/LB Dylan Stephens, Callaway, Sr.

Coach of the year: Pete Wiggins, Callaway

First-team offense

QB - Charlie Gilliam, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

RB - Micah Lewis, Landmark, Sr.

RB - Royce Tolbert, Columbia, Sr.

FB/H - Sam Williams, Callaway, Sr.

TE - Exavious Reed, Callaway, Sr.

WR - Xavian Green, Redan, Sr.

WR - Gideon Cruver, Landmark Christian, Sr.

WR - Jacque Holly, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

WR - Treyon Tucker, Callaway, Jr.

WR - Quintavious Roland, Redan, Sr.

OL - Malik Jackson, McNair, Jr.

OL - D.J. Chester, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

OL - Jojo Shuman, Callaway, Jr.

OL - Hatavious Leslie, Callaway, Sr.

OL - Jamonta Tukes, Columbia, Jr.

OL - Will Patman, Landmark, Jr.

OL - Edwin Moore, Columbia, Jr.

OL - Chace Missouri, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Nick Lemons, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

DL - Arlando George, Columbia, Jr.

DL - Camren Gunn, Callaway, Jr.

DL - Elijah Gunn, Callaway, Sr.

DL - Fred Tigner, Callaway, Jr.

DL - Micah Tate, Landmark Christian, Jr.

LB - Avery Hardeman, Landmark Christian, Sr.

LB - Cam Tucker, Callaway, Jr.

LB - Lamaze Williams, Columbia, Jr.

LB - Jamir Brown, Redan, Jr.

LB - Malachi Futch, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

LB - Trent Hood, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Jr.

DB - Tobias Lewis, Landmark Christian, Sr.

DB - Korey Jackson, Callaway, Jr.

DB - Karmelo Burton, Callaway, Sr.

DB - Sabian Campbell, Columbia, Sr.

DB - Dorian Barney, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Fr.

DB - R.J. Johnson, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

First-team special teams

PK - Greyson Batchlor, Callaway, Jr.

P - Gideon Cruver, Landmark Christian, Sr.

LS - Dylan Nation, Callaway, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Elijah Morgan, Columbia, Sr.

RB - Jordan King, Callaway, Jr.

RB - Gavin Walker, Eagle’s Landing Christian, So.

FB/H - Tristan Victor, McNair, Sr.

TE - Kayden Whitfield, McNair, Fr.

WR - Sedarian Williams, McNair, Jr.

WR - Bryceton Sanders, Callaway, So.

WR - Jerkarean West, Towers, Jr.

WR - Dinari Williams, Columbia,

WR - Dakota Hughley, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Sr.

OL - Jonathan Wright, Columbia, Sr.

OL - E.J. Johnson, McNair, So.

OL - Desauwn Dennis, McNair, So.

OL - Wilson Regan, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Jr.

OL - Jayshawn Turner, Towers, Jr.

OL - Mikel Edwin, Columbia, Fr.

OL - Evan Westling, Landmark Christian, Sr.

OL - Blake Shepherd, Callaway, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Zandarious Washington, Towers, Sr.

DL - A.J. Washington, Eagle’s Landing Christian, So.

DL - Cain Jefferson, Columbia, Jr.

DL - Chase Story, Landmark Christian, So.

DL - Josiah Johnson, McNair, Fr.

DL - Dylan Legend, McNair, Sr.

LB - Kadarius Bailey, Columbia, Sr.

LB - Emmanuel Clark, McNair, So.

LB - Grant Thigpen, Landmark Christian, Sr.

LB - Langston Robinson, Landmark Christian, Sr.

LB - Josh Banks, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Jr.

LB - Ralph Holt, Redan, Jr.

DB - Adoulaye Diallo, Columbia, Sr.

DB - Kavious Leonard, Callaway, So.

DB - Keyontae Phillips, McNair, Fr.

DB - Blake Stewart, Landmark Christian, Fr.

DB - Emmanuel Clement, Towers, Sr.

DB - Steven Atchison, McNair, Fr.

Second-team special teams

PK - Matthew Johnson, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Jr.

P - Ryan Seagle, Callaway, Jr.

LS - Stephen Tanner, Landmark Christian, Sr.

Honorable mention: QB - Deshun Coleman, Callaway, Jr. RB - Zadarian Williams, McNair, Jr.; Roland Edwin, Columbia, Sr. FB/H - Neroy Tugwell, Towers, So. TE - Carson Schuman, Eagle’s Landing Christian, So.; OL Micah Rogers, Landmark Christian, Jr.; OL Martevious Burse, Redan, Fr. OL - James Macon, Columbia, Sr.; Maurice Belcher, McNair, So.; Keandre Roberts, McNair, Fr.; Shiah Mildton, Redan, Jr.; Tyrone Fitten, Callaway, Fr. DL - Noah Howard, Columbia, Sr.; Linton Basko, Eagle’s Landing Christian, Fr.; Feraud McKnuckle, Redan, So.; Dae’vonne Alexander, Redan, Jr.; LB - John Griffin, Towers, Jr.; Chris High, Columbia, Sr.; Deontaeus Brooks, Callaway, Sr.; Xae Anderson, Callaway, Fr.; Syncere Carroll, McNair, Jr. DB - Adrian Walker, Redan, Sr.; Eric Stinson, Columbia, Sr.; Kris Bernard, Landmark Christian, So.; Adarius White, Columbia, So. PK - Jackson Bilotti, Landmark Christian, So. P - Jeremy Victor, McNair, So.

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