4 Questions with Metter head coach Rodney Garvin


Today’s interviewee is Metter coach Rodney Garvin, whose team opened the season with a 28-0 victory over Swainsboro. Metter is GHSF Daily’s Team of the Week.

Rodney Garvin, Metter head coach

1. How significant was the Swainsboro win for Metter? “Beating Swainsboro is a big deal because it’s so close to Metter, and there are so many local ties to Emanuel County over here. It makes us 1-0 on the season, which is very important as far as confidence goes. Winning on the road helps a young team, as well. It’s the first time since 1955 that Metter has beaten Swainsboro in football. My first two seasons here we played them close, but finally getting that win is special. They are always athletic and well-coached.”

2. What did you do well that allowed you to be successful in this particular game? “We didn’t beat ourselves, which is something we preach. We had one false start for our only penalty of the night. I believe Swainsboro only had two similar penalties. It was a clean game, especially without having a scrimmage. We ran the ball pretty well at times. Defensively, we ran hard to the ball for the most part, and special teams was surprisingly good. Heck, we made two extra points, which are two more than we have made in the last two weeks!”

3. How did you and your staff get your team prepared to play so well given all the offseason challenges? “This offseason for us really focused our kids in. Once they realized the possibility of no football season, they seemed more determined than ever to be the best that they could be. When we returned with them on June 8, their level of commitment was evident. From June 8 until the first official day in July, we had 29 of our 45 never miss a day, five days a week. Ten others only missed one day. So 39 of our 45 were here basically every day. That’s spreading kids out, lifting at different times, coaches adjusting. The level of commitment from everyone has been great. I do believe the struggles and frustrations have brought us closer.”

4. What do you expect from Class A this year? Does it give you a little bit better chance to compete at the highest level vs. 2A? “With our numbers being down and placed in Class A, that’s a good thing, but absolutely nothing is guaranteed. The finalists in last year’s AA class are in single A, so it’s not going be easy for anyone. I have moved a little bit, and I have coached in A, 2A, 3A and 4A. It’s all about the players! I think we have some good high school players on our team who don’t mind running into each other and have some strength and speed. We have a strong coaching staff who work hard as heck. I have great administrative leadership and a town that is painting paws in windows and flying Tiger flags. If we stay healthy and injury free, we may be OK down the stretch. Thank God for football, and everyone stay safe!”

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