Hawks-Kings postgame quotes

Here is what they said after the Hawks’ 105-100 win over the Kings Tuesday night:

“Defensively the second and third quarters, those are the kinds of defensive quarters we want to build on. That’s the kind of team we want to become, a good defensive team. The first and fourth quarters are the quarters we can look at on film and where we need to improve and areas we can work on in practice. These kinds of games are tough to win on the road when you are in someone else’s gym and the make a big comeback on you. I’m proud of our guys for keeping the lead and get the win on the road in a tough environment when we obviously lost the big lead.”

- Mike Budenholzer’s opening statement

“Paul (Millsap) has a knack for scoring for us late it looks like. The way we are playing it’s going to be different guys for us each night. Al (Horford) had a couple big buckets for us late. I think both Paul and Al stepped up for us. That’s what it takes to get wins. Both Paul and Al … I think they are working well together.”

- Budenholzer on play of Al Horford and Paul Millsap

“We just talked about our defense that we needed to find a way to get a stop and we needed to get a rebound. Really throughout the game that was the message. Focus on our transition defense, focus on our defensive rebounding and if we get a stop we’ll be able to get a win.”

- Budenholzer on Hawks regaining composure

We didn’t take care of the ball. We had some careless turnovers. We’ve got to play smarter and take care of the ball. Anytime you are turning it over it puts a lot of pressure on your defense. I don’t think we were very good offensively and that led to some of their points.”

- Budenholzer on fourth quarter

“Most important, we got the win. I was sweating there at the end. They have heart. They clawed their way back. I’m just glad we found a way to get the win.”

- Horford on win

“That was big. I was so happy. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy to see a shot go in. When you are bleeding like that you need something. He came through time and time again. He made some big baskets for us.”

- Horford on Millsap’s fourth-quarter 3-pointer as shot clock expired

“We got a little bit comfortable. We had a couple lazy breakdowns. They got to the free-throw line a bunch. They made a couple 3’s. They got the home crowd going. Then we couldn’t get a good look. We had a bunch of turnovers. We played such solid basketball the second and third quarters. Our defense was great. We moved the ball. We took good shots. We didn’t turn it over. And we had a big league. Unfortunately, it always seems to happen in the NBA when there is a big lead, the other team comes back. There are definitely things that were good and things that were not good. We had half and half. Guys came through at the end, made plays and got some stops. A win is a win. In a month we won’t care how many points we won by.”

- Kyle Korver

“Just finish the game. Finish the game. It’s one of those moments when it seemed like everything was unraveling. Everybody is going different directions. I just wanted to get everyone together and let them know we are still in the same place, pull together and finish the game off.”

- Millsap on pulling team together in fourth quarter

“I just wanted to create space. I wanted to use my step back to create a little space. I didn’t realize how far off I was. I didn’t actually look at the 3-point line. It was one of those situations where I looked up and they put a three on the board. I didn’t know I shot a 3.”

- Millsap on 3-pointer as shot clock expired

“In the fourth quarter, they got hot and made plays. We got the win and that’s all that matters.”

- Jeff Teague

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