Gonzalez thanks two Nationals for sign of respect

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez had a message for the Nationals’ Kevin Frandsen and Ian Desmond.

The two opposing players wanted to run in the outfield to warm up prior to Saturday’s game. However, the Braves were holding a ceremony to honor their late broadcaster Pete Van Wieren and a stage was set up behind the pitcher’s mound.

Gonzalez said the players motioned to him to ask permission to continue their routine. He signaled with a tip of his cap that they were not being disrespectful of the proceedings.

“That’s some class,” Gonzalez said. “(They were saying) ‘We know this is going on. We know it’s special to the Braves family and we don’t want to run in the middle of the ceremony.’

“If I see them I will tell them it’s a classy move. Most guys wouldn’t even think of asking.”

Gonzalez got a chance to speak with Frandsen during the Braves’ option batting practice session.