Ticket prices dropping for Georgia-Alabama rematch



Prices have dropped on the secondary market this week for tickets to the College Football Playoff Championship game between Georgia and Alabama in Indianapolis on Monday night.

As of Friday afternoon, the “get-in” — or cheapest — price was below $400, including fees, on several ticket-resale sites.

That’s compared with a low of $829 immediately after the Georgia-Alabama matchup was set with the teams’ CFP semifinals victories and a low of $531 as recently as Wednesday, according to data provided by TicketIQ founder Jesse Lawrence.

Lawrence said the secondary-market get-in price for Monday’s title game is now below the starting point of $495 for the SEC Championship game between the same teams last month in Atlanta.

He said the most expensive CFP title game was the January 2018 meeting between Georgia and Alabama at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Secondary-market prices for that game started at a whopping $1,752, he said.

As of Friday, more than 5,800 tickets for Monday’s game were listed for resale on StubHub at an average price of about $1,500, according to a company representative. The cheapest ticket on StubHub was $381 (including fees) for upper-level end-zone seats, but most lower-bowl seats listed on the site were above $1,000 and some club seats near the 50-yard line topped $4,000.

“Alabama (versus) Georgia has consistently been one of the most in-demand college football matchups on StubHub,” Adam Budelli, the company’s head of partnerships and business development, said in a statement Friday. The average price on StubHub for Monday’s CFP final is 30% lower than for the January 2018 title game between the same teams, Budelli said.

Prices fluctuate frequently on the secondary market, depending on supply and demand, and figure to continue to do so between now and Monday night’s kickoff at Lucas Oil Stadium.