Mike Bobo a ‘sounding board’ for UGA offense, OC Monken says

During a recent walk-through, Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken approached Mike Bobo with a question.

“We’re working on pressures and how we are going to adjust to them,” Monken said. “I walked right over to him and said ‘OK, what are we missing? Is there anything that you guys did that was different? Is there any way of how you walked through in the past? Are we utilizing every opportunity to be successful?’”

It’s a snapshot of Bobo’s new role with Georgia, someone the team can bounce ideas off as they work through different concepts.

From 1994-97, Bobo played four seasons at UGA with Kirby Smart, then he became quarterbacks coach in 2001, adding offensive coordinator (under coach Mark Richt) to his plate in 2007. Although Bobo left to accept a head coaching job at Colorado State in 2014, he’s now back with the Bulldogs, named a quality control analyst in January.

Monken described Bobo’s role as essentially a sounding board, pointing out the value in having another set of eyes for the offense, particularly when adding new players to the mix.

“You ask them, are we doing everything in our power to be successful?” Monken said. “... In some ways, I’m sure he’s enjoying being back here, but there are other ways where it’s like ‘Maybe I wouldn’t do it that way.’ But he’s been awesome. He’s been awesome as a sounding board, and I want to continue that in what we do offensively. We had a little bit of a shorter offseason with guys coming in, so we haven’t had as much time to really dive into certain aspects of it. Everybody that you have in your organization has to have value.”