Former NBA player Rex Chapman on uninsured Dwight Howard: ‘It sounds about right’

Rex Chapman thinks bringing Dwight Howard to Atlanta was a “terrible decision.”

Chapman, a former NBA player and a current host of "NBA on TuneIn Live," reacted on Tuesday to the news of Dwight Howard being pulled over in the early morning of what would be the Hawks' season-ending playoff loss.

Howard was pulled over at 2:06 a.m. on April 28 for speeding on I-285 in Dunwoody. Soon after, Howard's car was towed when police discovered Howard was driving on a suspended registration and without insurance.

"I’m not a Dwight guy,” Chapman said. “Dwight’s approach to the game, the way he conducts himself on the floor emotionally offends me as a basketball guy. It really does. I think he’s just a big guy, he was very very athletic at one point, freakishly athletic. He could run and jump. But I see nothing from one game to the next. There will be one game out of five that he’s worth the money he’s making in today’s NBA. The other four games? There’s just nothing there.”

The Hawks lost Game 6 to the Washington Wizards 115-99 on April 28.

After playing two seasons at Kentucky, Chapman played 12 seasons in the NBA from 1988-2000.

“He appears to be aloof,” Chapman said of Howard. “You tell me, we talk about body language and toughness all the time. He doesn’t care. It appears as if he doesn’t care when he’s out there... I’m just bothered by Dwight as a pro. Him being pulled over, it sounds about right.”