Alge Crumpler remains loyal to Michael Vick

Talk to those who know Algie Crumpler well, and they will tell you he is nothing but class.

He also is very loyal to his friends, no matter the situation.

In 2008, when Michael Vick was serving 23 months in prison for his conviction on federal dogfighting charges, Crumpler went to visit Inmate No. 33765-18 at Leavenworth, a federal prison in Kansas.

Crumpler flew on his own from Atlanta to see the former Falcons quarterback, teammate and friend and said he knew then that Vick was about to change his life around.

“Not everybody gets a second chance,’’ Crumpler said. “But he has done a great job with his. We visited for an hour, and not one word came up about football. It was all about the fact that it was his fault and he put himself in this situation and wasn’t placing the blame on anyone else. He was not trying to get out of anything. It was on him.’’

Vick left prison after spending 548 days behind bars, and in 2009 was reinstated by the NFL, signing with the Eagles. In 2010 was named the league’s comeback player of the year, which led to the veteran eventually signing a six-year, $100 million contract. Today he plays for the Steelers and has almost paid off the $18 million he had in debt when he went to prison.

“I have a lot of respect for Michael and how he has come back and done the right things,’’ said Crumpler, the two playing together in Atlanta for six years.

“There is something to be said for a person that does his time and then comes back and also repays what he owes. There are always going to be people that hate him for what he did, but he has changed his life and turned it all around. I am happy for him.’’