Q&A with Georgia signee Brice Ramsey


Q: It may be a long time before you actually get onto the field for the Bulldogs. How do you feel about that?

A: "Obviously it will be different because I played every year in high school. But I'd rather come in and mature and just learn everything I can before I step foot on the field. I could always get thrown into the fire for some reason and I feel like I could do that as well."

Q: Do you have a favorite quarterback?

A: "I've always been a follower of Tom Brady. Brady's the man. He's a guy I've always looked up to and he's a very good quarterback. I like how smooth he is in the pocket and how he makes every look so easy. Most recently I've heard me compared to is Christian Ponder, but I don't know where that came from."

Q: I’ve heard you described as a “raw” quarterback prospect when it comes to making the transition to a pro-style, pocket-passing offense. Is that fair?

A: "Raw? Yeah, no doubt about it. It's kind of out of the ordinary for me coming out of a Wing-T offense. But I feel like I can adapt to situations. I went to a lot of camps and have worked a lot on passing the ball. I mean, I feel like I'm as far along as anybody else coming into a new system. I've just got to learn the playbook and everything else that comes with it."

Q: You made your college choice very early on, stuck to it and enrolled early. What was your perspective on a prospect like Laremy Tunsil, a guy who Georgia recruited for a long time, seemed to lead for and somebody you personally tried to convince to join you in Athens?

A: "He's from the same area as me. We were both down there on the First Coast and there were a lot of us coming out of there. We all said we wanted to play together but it ended up we all went our different ways. We had Derrick (Henry) committed, who lives 10 minutes from me back home. They just had to do what's best for them. If that's the best decision for them then I'm all for it."

Q: What are advantages to already being in Athens?

A: "You can get in here and adjust to school, you can get in the playbook and do everything you need to before fall comes around. You kind of get an idea what's going on so you shouldn't be as overwhelmed when everybody gets here. I've got a history class that's pretty tough and the mat drills are pretty difficult. Luckily my high school coach took the mat drills from "Coach Van" so I've actually been doing them a while. I kind of got a jump on that."