Quotes from coaches and players after Georgia Tech-Pittsburgh

"It was a reverse pass. We thought it was going to be open. It's a great call if works, it's a strange call if it doesn't work, just like their throwback to the tackle. It was a strange call, but it worked. It's one of those plays we practiced. We had it in the game plan. I thought it was a good time to run it." – Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson on the unsuccessful trick play with wide receiver Brad Stewart

"Just disappointed. We're halfway through, we're 3-3. It can go either way. We've got a good Georgia Southern team coming in; we've got half the season left. It can still be a good year, a good season. I think you can see, every team in our division, I think it is probably really close. Just like North Carolina beat them on the last play, they beat us on the last play. I think that the teams are pretty close. Every game's a dogfight." – Johnson

"We had it in the playbook for a little while. We have been looking for the right team to run it against. (Offensive coordinator) Coach Matt Canada called that. He said it was going to be a call in the red zone. It was designed for Brian O'Neill's old tight end abilities. He can go." – Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi on the backwards pass that resulted in a touchdown by offensive tackle Brian O'Neill

"It's just Justin (Thomas) is getting pressured, and miscommunication. I messed up. I should have been a little bit father on my route." – Stewart on catching a third-down pass short of the first-down marker, which led to Tech being in the 4th-and-1 where it came up short

"He was trying to kick it in the middle, but he ended up kicking it outside in the corner, so there wasn't really anybody there except for one person. The No. 2 guy, he squeezed in. It was one-on-one with their safety guy. I made him miss and it opened up." – Tech returner J.J. Green on his 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown

"It was a tough loss. We should have won this one hands down, no ifs and buts about it. We should have won this one. It's a tough loss." – Green

"It's just frustrating. It's a game of inches and it sucks when it goes the other team's way, but we've got to learn from our mistakes and get it corrected and come out next week and see if we can do better." – Tech linebacker Brant Mitchell

"He's a monster, he's a beast and he's a hell of a player. I'm just thankful that he was there and I just came in and finished it." – Pitt linebacker Matt Galambos of defensive tackle Tyrique Jarrett, who stopped B-back Dedrick Mills on the key 4th-and-1 play