Judge upholds charge against UGA football player

An Athens-Clarke County magistrate's judge elected Wednesday to uphold the misdemeanor charge against Georgia football player Jordan Love for obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Love was arrested late Monday night after police responded to a complaint about three individuals shooting off fireworks near a campus dormitory. According to University of Georgia police chief Jimmy Williamson, the responding officer arrested Love after he refused multiple requests to provide his middle name before relenting, and he never provided his birthdate.

However, on Wednesday police presented Judge Charles Auslander with what they considered extenuating circumstances after Williamson spoke with Love's family Tuesday. Love does not use his middle name, Lawrence, as he was named for someone with whom the family no longer associates, Williamson said.

"We just felt that since new information was now known, that we should at least make it available," Williamson said.

Auslander determined that Love "did obstruct Officer [Kevin] Thompson, a law enforcement officer, in the lawful discharge of his official duties by refusing several requests to provide his date of birth and a correct spelling of his middle name" in issuing a warrant.

Love's attorney William Stiles said that it was not Love's intent to be uncooperative and called it a communication breakdown. Based upon information provided by Love and the police report, Stiles said, "we feel we have a solid defense in this case."

Love's court date is Sept. 14. Love is a redshirt freshman who was listed third at cornerback on the most recent depth chart.