How rare is missed field goal returned for touchdown?

Auburn cornerback Chris Davis' 109-yard return of a missed field-goal attempt for a touchdown against Alabama was not only stunning but a rare feat in college football.

It's so rare, that it's only happend four times in the last four decades in an FBS (formerly Division I) matchup. Three of them involve SEC schools.

The first dates back to 1966 when California defensive back Don Guest returned a missed field 100 yards, statistically - according to Pac-12 records - in the third quarter against Washington State in Spokane.

Two years later, Clemson's Richie Luzzi did the same against Georgia at Sanford Stadium. In the second quarter, Luzzi was eight yards deep in the end zone when he caught Georgia's 47-yard missed field goal attempt and ran it back for a score. It remains the longest play in Clemson history. The three-time defending ACC champs, however, lost the game 31-13 in Athens.

It wasn't until earlier this season, when LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham returned a 59-yard missed field goal against UAB in the third quarter, that such a play was repeated on a college football field.

And then, Saturday happened ...