Georgia Tech quoteboard

“It means that we’re the state champions and they have to take down that dumb ‘We run this state’ sign for a year.”

Coach Paul Johnson on the meaning of Tech’s win

“It’s good for our fans, it’s good for our program, but just because we won the game, I’m not going to change my mind. One game doesn’t define a season. Ten wins defines the season, and a chance to play for the ACC championship next week. That defines the season. Beating Georgia is icing on the cake. And let me just say, I’ve got a lot of respect for Georgia’s program.”


“We tweaked a couple things, but not a lot. We just settled down. We were all over the place in the first half. They were firing guys out of the secondary and we should have been able to hit some big plays on play action, but we didn’t. I challenged our guys at halftime – I said, ‘We’re going to do our stuff.’”


“Actually, what I told Justin (Thomas) was, we put three receivers to one side and we were going to put Darren (Waller) on the other side and just throw a jump ball to him and then try to clock it and we could get in field-goal range. He saw an opening and took off and got just far enough.”

Johnson on Tech’s game-tying drive to end regulation

“We were getting good push on ’em all game. Coach (Johnson) said, ‘They think they’re bigger than you. Go out and show ’em they’re not.’ I think we established that today.”

B-back Zach Laskey

“Me and Zach, we felt like we would be able to take over the game. Just keep getting us the ball. More and more, we started to wear down the defense.”

B-back Synjyn Days

“It means everything. I mean, we win that, with the College Football Playoff, anything can happen. It’s an outside shot, but we’re preparing to play multiple games.”

Laskey on ACC title game

“The way the linebackers were playing, they were just kind of flowing out and not really keying the B-back. That’s why all the gives (to the B-back), they worked as good as they did. That goes back to the movement at the line of scrimmage. I knew they’d have a big day.”

Guard Shaquille Mason

“I had a great feeling to know that they could have been up 21-7 and to know that we’re still around. I knew for a fact that they let us hang around and they needed seven to beat us. Those points they left out there on the field, I knew we’d take advantage of it.”

Mason on the game being 7-7 at halftime

“They tried to take it from me, but I’m not really sure if I’ll get in trouble or not, so I’ll leave that question unanswered.”

Safety Isaiah Johnson, on whether or not he took a piece of Sanford Stadium’s hedges

“It’s great. Unbelievable season. Being here with these guys, this team is such a different team and we play as a unit. That’s what I love.”

Johnson on the season