Georgia Tech quoteboard

“We didn’t bring pressure. It wasn’t very good. Gotta get more out of our ends.”

— Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson on the pass rush

“When we held on to the ball, we moved the ball and scored.”

— Johnson

“They’d bend a little bit, but they didn’t give up any points (in the second half). That was good.”

— Johnson on the Tech defense

“We never got it going inside. They had a ton of people inside. We made a little adjustment in the second half and got (B-back Zach Laskey) on the pitch. And it worked pretty well. We should have just kept running it every play, truth be told.”

— Johnson on the running game

“I thought we left a lot of points out there, but I thought the offensive line definitely controlled the line of scrimmage. I thought they did a great job. (Guard) Shaq (Mason) in particular had a pretty good game. A-backs were flying around. They helped us on the perimeter blocking, knowing we’d toss it to ’em.”

— Quarterback Tim Byerly on the offense

“For as many people as this stadium holds, it was pretty loud.”

— Byerly on 30,000-seat Yulman Stadium

“I wouldn’t say it slowed down. I just got a feel for how things were going. I got some of the nerves out in the first game, so it helped me out a lot.”

— Cornerback Lawrence Austin on his second career game

“I give credit to all our water staff. They kept coming around, keeping us hydrated, keeping bringing Gatorade or whatever.”

— Linebacker Quayshawn Nealy

“I think that we’re just building right now. You get better and better by each game. I can say, honestly, that we got better this week. Last week, we definitely struggled. The defense came out and did something (against Tulane). We had a shutout in the second half.”

— Nealy

“I didn’t even see the quarterback. I had seen the tip of the ball come out of his hand, but I didn’t see him because the tackles were so big. We had that coverage where I had that No. 3 (running back Sherman Badie) and all I saw was the tip of the ball and broke on it and made a play.”

— Nealy on his 10-yard interception return for a touchdown

“The stadium is outstanding; I think the fans were magnificent, especially the student section. Our team is very disappointed, these guys really care about winning, and they want to win for the fans. They are going to be disappointed today, but we’ll bounce back next week.”

— Tulane coach Curtis Johnson

“I thought our guys were good. Georgia Tech is such a different opponent, when you talk about a wishbone offense as something you have never seen before. I thought Georgia Tech had all the answers for us tonight, they knew exactly what they were doing, and they executed it really well.”