In a captivating downtown venue overlooking the city, Georgia Tech’s new Adidas-designed football uniform was finally revealed Friday night.

Before a gathering of Tech alumni that included a number of former Yellow Jackets football players, a uniform that calls back Tech’s history but also has edgy features was met with wide approval.

WWE star Roman Reigns, perhaps known better to Jackets fans as former defensive lineman Joe Anoai, modeled the uniform and raved about its comfort and fit. Two uniforms were revealed, a white home jersey with gold numbers and gold pants and a road jersey with blue numbers and white pants. The latter is also dubbed the white-out jersey.

The design is perhaps most notable for the stripes on the pants and sleeves, dubbed “Stinger stripes.” Adidas designers sought a look that incorporated the striping that have historically been a part of Tech uniforms, but also something sleek. The answer was striping that tapers into a point, a nod to the Yellow Jacket stinger.

The jersey is made of a cutting-edge fabric made by Adidas, a seamless garment that only 13 Adidas teams will wear this fall.

Adidas also designed an alternate helmet, white with the interlocking “GT” on the sides, along with a navy stripe down the center of the helmet.

The reveal of the new uniform has been long awaited by Tech fans, alumni and players. The creation of the look had been a process going back to the start of last season, shortly after Tech’s marriage with Adidas was announced.

Ken Sugiura/AJC

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