Clemson flips to Tech’s even-year schedule

Georgia Tech will play a second consecutive road game at Clemson this fall, a move that will address its scheduling issue that has had Clemson, Georgia and Virginia Tech on the same home-away rotation since 2006.

Tech will also play home games against both ACC newcomers, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Pitt will be in the Coastal Division with Tech. Syracuse will be in the Atlantic Division and is on the schedule as the one rotating Atlantic opponent.

Tech’s other home games will be against North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Elon and Alabama A&M. The other road opponents will be Duke, Miami, Virginia and BYU. Tech will have seven home games and five road games.

Tech officials have sought to fix the scheduling quirk that has placed the Yellow Jackets’ three biggest rivals – the Bulldogs, Hokies and Tigers – on the same pattern of coming to Bobby Dodd Stadium in odd years and hosting Tech in even years. It has caused unbalanced season-ticket sales, which has made budgeting for the athletic department uneven.

Syracuse’s visit will be its first ever to Bobby Dodd.

Home: North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Elon, Alabama A&M

Away: Clemson, Duke, Miami, Virginia, BYU