Q&A: Kevin Weston, Clark Atlanta

Clark Atlanta coach Kevin Weston talked with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for a short Q&A looking ahead to the coming season:

Q: Is there a player whom you are depending on this season?

A: I'm going to depend on everybody out there that we have in pads. If we put a helmet and shoulder pads on them, we depend on them to play some role of some fashion within our program.

Q: What are your expectations?

A: My expectations are to take the field every day and in every situation with the mindset that we're going to get better and uplift the program.

Q: How would you describe your coaching style?

A: (It's) one that is based off of discipline first, accountability, looking for guys who have a whole lot of effort and looking for guys you can trust.

Q: As a player or a coach, what is your favorite play?

A: My favorite play would have to be when we take a knee at the end of the game because we won the ballgame.