Some Hawks season-ticket holders facing price increases

The Hawks are contacting season-ticket holders about subscriptions for next season and some fans will see a price increase for their seats.

While some ticket prices will not be increased, some will see a small percentage and some a substantial percentage. Hawks CEO Steve Koonin said most increases are less than 10 percent.

“On average, we have modest price increases in single digits,” Koonin said Friday. “It’s a fact that some seats are going up but in pure dollars a lot of those are less than $10. Overall, we wanted modest price increases.”

One long-time season-ticket holder in Section 122 has been told of a 41 percent increase by a Hawks ticket representative.

According to Team Marketing Report, with numbers based on the 2015-16 season, the Hawks had the fifth lowest average ticket price at $36.82. The Knicks had the highest average ticket price at $129.38.

Koonin said ticket pricing at Philips Arena is complex with a number of different levels and pricing histories. In simple terms, some prices were decreased after the racial issues that faced the franchise in 2014. Some prices were increased after the team’s 60-win season the next year.

The complexity is an issue the team would like to resolve with the planned renovations to the arena. Ticket pricing will be simplified, Koonin said, with just a 100 and 200 level once the renovations are completed.