What you can and can’t bring into SunTrust Park

Before arriving at the SunTrust Park gates, fans should make sure they aren't carrying any prohibited items. Braves security staff may require you to return items to your car or throw them away before entering SunTrust Park.

The Atlanta Braves published their bag and security policy here.

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Prohibited items include alcoholic beverages, large bags, ice chests and drones (aka unmanned aerial vehicles).

The Braves have confirmed outside food will be allowed into SunTrust Park so long as it fits in a clear, gallon-sized plastic bag. Sealed plastic bottles of water are OK too. One bag and bottle per ticket.

The following items are prohibited from being brought into SunTrust Park:

  • alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs;
  • aluminum cans, glass bottles, bota bags or wineskins;
  • bags, purses or backpacks exceeding 16"x16"x8";
  • ice chests or hard sided coolers;
  • camera lenses exceeding 5 inches; camera tri, dual or single leg pods by non-media personnel;
  • folding chairs, tables, stools or devices used as such; sticks, clubs (including signs attached to sticks) or full size brooms;
  • fireworks, firearms or other weapons (including knives, mace, pepper spray, tasers/stun guns and toy replicas of weapons);
  • bullhorns, noise makers or confetti; laser devices or pointers; skateboards, hoverboards and rollerblades;
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; framed or oversized backpacks;
  • balloons, beachballs and other inflatable items;
  • wrapped packages wherein the contents are not visible

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