MRI confirms no structural damage for Beachy

An MRI Saturday morning revealed what both Braves physicians and Brandon Beachy suspected – he has some inflammation in his surgically-repaired elbow but no structural damage and just needs some rest.

Beachy said he’d been experiencing some discomfort recently and just hoped it would improve before his originally-scheduled return Tuesday against the Mets. But he struggled to get comfortable in three innings of a minor league rehabilitation start on Thursday night with Triple-A Gwinnett.

“I’ve just got some inflammation,” Beachy said. “It’s been building up and just wasn’t going away like the other muscular stuff had and felt like I had some fluid in there….We’re just going to give it some rest and it’ll clear out. I’m not worried at all. It’s just unfortunate, the timing of it. I wish it would have happened three weeks ago instead of right now.”

Beachy had managed to go nearly 12 months in his recovery from Tommy John surgery without a hitch. But that’s all he and the Braves believe this is – a minor setback.

“It seems like everybody has something in their (recovery); mine just waited until the very end of the process to kind of flare up on me,” said Beachy, who said he’s not going on any kind of timeline now. “However long it takes. As soon as (the fluid) gets out of there, I’ll start throwing again.”